BreathMD's Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

A kit comprised of tools to help you remove those foul smelling tonsil stones so that your breath stays fresh.

BreathMD's Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

We are happy to introduce a new product to help BreathMD visitors remove tonsil stones to reduce bad breath. This is a kit which has 3 types of tools that you can use: 2 Stainless Steel Tonsil Stone Removers, 1 Curved Irrigator Syringe, and 50 Long Wooden Cotton Swabs. We provide 3 different tools as each person tends to prefer a certain tool.

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Usage Instructions

Wooden Cotton Swabs: Gently apply pressure to the stone or the tissue surrounding it until it is expressed. If the stone is hard to reach, you may take another swab and pull back the tissue or portion of the tonsil for more accessibility.

Stainless Steel Tool: This tool may be used for deeper or difficult stones. Use the spoon to gently scoop stones from the craters and folds in your tonsils. Be very careful and gentle while using this tool as your tonsils are sensitive.

Curved Irrigation Syringe: Fill syringe with water. Direct the stream towards the tonsil stone to dislodge. You may want to practice expressing water before putting it in your mouth to gauge the water pressure.