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Tonsil Stones

small tonsil stones on a finger

About those smelly tonsil stones and how to remove them and be rid of them for good

Tonsil stones are another thing that causes halitosis (bad breath). They are formally known as tonsilloliths. They are objects usually made of calcium that grow and develop over time in the crypts and crevasses of the tonsils. They are usually white with a yellow hue in color and some people describe them as white spots in the throat or white spots on the tonsils. Tonsil stones are common in adults and are rare for children and babies. There are few noticeable symptoms of tonsilloliths other than bad breath, but for most of us here at BreathMD that is enough of a reason to find out if we have them and get them out if we do.

What causes tonsil stones

So how do you get tonsil stones? What cause tonsilloliths? Those are very good questions but unfortunately the exact causes are unknown. While tonsils play an important role in trapping harmful bacteria from entering the rest of your body, they also tend to trap food, mucus, dead cells, and other particles. There is a generally accepted notion that tonsil stones are caused by the food, particles, and bacteria that are accumulated on and in the tonsils. These particles are broken down in time by saliva and digestive enzymes and most of what remains is the hard deposits of the particle (usually calcium). The softer parts are broken down and eventually are washed away.

There have also been studies that prove a correlation between patients who have tonsilloliths and patients who suffer from post-nasal drip, which is another cause of bad breath.

Side-effects of tonsil stones

There are various signs and symptoms of tonsil stones. Below is a list of the side-effects of them. Keep in mind that tonsil stones vary greatly in size and that a lot of these symptoms only manifest themselves with patients who suffer from large or rare giant tonsilloliths.

  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Pain on swallowing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Coughing fits
  • White Spots on tonsils
  • Ear ache
  • Swollen tonsils
  • Sensation that something is stuck or lodged in the back of the throat

While the side-effects can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, they are rarely life threatening and there has not been any evidence that they negatively affect one's overall health.

How do you know if you have tonsil stones

tonsil stones are white spots on tonsils

If you suffer from the above mentioned symptoms of tonsilloliths you may have them. Keep in mind it is extremely rare to suffer from tonsil stones if you had a tonsillectomy and had your tonsils removed.

You can usually determine if you have tonsil stones through visual inspection. Grab a flashlight and face a mirror. Open your mouth in such a way that you have a clear view of your tonsils. Shine the light on the tonsils and inspect each of them thoroughly for any white spots or white objects on them. Also you may try taking a clean Q-tip and using that to pull back the flap of the tonsils to inspect the cryptic area in the tonsils. If you do not see any white spots or objects you should be good to go. If you do see white objects they might be tonsil stones, debris from a larger tonsil stone, or a tonsil stone in development.

Tonsils stones can also be detected through X-rays and CAT scans and they are often discovered accidentally through these methods.

How to remove tonsil stones

There are various methods used to treat and remove tonsil stones. They are often removed or dislodged unintentionally by coughing or even swallowing. The simplest method of the removal of tonsil stones is take a Q-Tip (people report a bent bobby pin works well) and to gently apply pressure to the white stone until it is dislodged. If that doesn't work try to apply pressure through different angles and try a back and forth motion. Also if it is hard to reach you might try taking another Q-tip and using that to pull back the flap or part of the tonsil so you have better access. Remember to be very gentle. Your tonsils are very fragile and they might bleed if handled recklessly. A little bleeding is common in removing tonsil stones but do your part and be gentle and take your time to minimize the bleeding and irritation done to your tonsils.

Removal of tonsil stones is also carried out effectively by using an oral irrigator. Ideally the best irrigation tool to use is an oral irrigator that is used to irrigate the lacerations left by the removal of wisdom teeth. Other oral irrigators may be used such as a WaterPik or the SinuPulse Irrigation System but be sure to use the lowest setting at first, and if you feel even the lowest setting would be too powerful on your tonsils, then don't do it. CAUTION: You may rupture or puncture your tonsil if the water stream is too strong. Be careful and smart. Take your time while irrigating and hopefully that will get rid of your tonsil stones.

If you have tried the above mentioned methods and they did not work, consider seeing a doctor. Doctors may remove tonsil stones by curettage, laser, or even surgery if necessary. If they are really bad and keep recurring, the doctor may suggest tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils). The doctor will let you know what the best treatment for tonsil stones would be.

Should I get my tonsils removed?

Many people consider getting their tonsils removed if they suffer from recurring tonsil stones and bad breath. It is a hard decision to make and there are many things to consider personally and with your doctor before removing them. The recovery time from a tonsillectomy increases as the patient gets older and many doctors discourage it for adults, whereas many adult patients have had them removed and stated the recovery wasn't too hard and they are loving life after having them out. Research the topic heavily. If tonsil stones are the only reason you want them out first try removing the tonsil stones and applying the preventive measures in your life that are outlined in the next section. If you just can't get rid of the tonsil stones and if your tonsils are causing you to have tonsillitis and sickness regularly, it might be best just to rip them out yourself. Just kidding, get a doctor to do a tonsillectomy.


While removing tonsil stones is possible, it is important to take measures that stop them from returning and recurring often. We believe that the stones are caused by particles that get trapped in the tonsils, so in order to prevent tonsil stones it is important to clean your tonsils regularly to keep them free of the particles that would eventually break down and cause the tonsilloliths to develop. Here is a list of methods you can apply to prevent tonsil stones.

  • Brush Teeth and Gargle after meals - Brushing your teeth and gargling a germ killing oxygenating solution after meals is an excellent way to ensure that your breath is fresh and your mouth and tonsils are free from food particles that would eventually cause bad breath and tonsil stones. Before brushing after a meal it is a good idea to swish water in your mouth and spit it out until you do not see any more food particles coming out. Then drink a bit of water to wash down any particles in the back of your throat and tonsils. Now brush your teeth and be sure to gargle mouthwash thoroughly. If you do this after each meal it will help your overall oral health and help keep your mouth free of food particles.

  • Irrigate your tonsils regularly - With a gentle oral irrigator wash your tonsils often, at least once a week, to insure there are no particles that have been lodged in them. Try SinuPulse Irrigation System to clean your tonsils regularly. You may also use WaterPik with the irrigator tip and on the lowest pressure setting. These irrigators will work best if you use warm water in them.

  • Try Nasal Irrigation - While it is not proven that post-nasal drip is a cause of tonsil stones, it would still be prudent to clean out your nasal passages regularly as well just in case too much mucus drainage in the back of the throat is a cause of tonsil stones. Check out our article on nasal irrigation and also post-nasal drip to discover other methods on how to treat post-nasal drip.

  • Use tonsil sprays and oxygenating mouthwash - Tonsil sprays and oxygenating mouthwash such as TheraBreath Oral Rinse used regularly help to break down the particles faster to hinder the development of tonsil stones. They also help neutralize sulfur-producing bacteria to freshen your breath.

  • Take Oral Probiotics - Although this information is not yet backed up by studies, many people have reported that taking oral probiotics has stopped or hindered the growth of tonsil stones. To learn more read our article on Oral Probiotics.

Keep in mind you will probably not see immediate results. Doing these preventive measures will hinder the growth of future tonsil stones, but do little to remove the tonsil stones you currently have. Try to remove the tonsil stones you currently have and then carry out these preventive measures to try to keep new ones from forming. Overtime you should notice results, but don't give up after a couple of weeks. It might take months for you to see results.

Also do not neglect other oral health care while trying to get rid of tonsil stones. Read our article on How To Get Rid of Bad Breath for an overview of a basic oral care regimen that will help you have fresh breath.

If you take the protective measures above, hopefully you will be rid of tonsil stones for good and eliminate tonsil stones from your life!

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Guest [08/31/2014 18:22] 

Don't know why everyone's concerned I love mine its a tasty treat try them some time you won't regret it .. Nom nom

Connie McLoughlin [08/17/2014 09:14]E-Mail  

These buggers have been falling out about once a month for the past 7 years on me. A general rule of thumb is to always pinch it and take a big whiff. Hard to believe something that smelly forms in the back of your throat.

So keep using the methods that work for you to remove them. Just make sure you always smash and smell them once removed.

Guest [08/07/2014 04:04] 

if tonsill stones swallowed un intensionaly .Will it affect the health ????

pro at removing them [08/03/2014 16:29] 

I take the back of a bobby pin. The U shaped side.. Stick it in any pour or place that has the stone and push it down in when I pull it pack out they are always in the middle.. I've wanted to get my tonsils removed. But honestly I like sitting in front of the mirror with my bobby pin pulling them out and cleaning my tonsils.. Its easier than gagging by putting ur fingers back there.. Good luck.. Seriously Bobby pin is easiest.. It fits right down inside those holes.

Tonsil Stones Are Back! [07/31/2014 05:14] 

So I had had tonsil stones for a couple of years and eventually had my tonsils removed last year - one of the most painful experiences!

Anyway, a year later and I've just had a very large tonsil stone appear after a few days of having a sore throat and pain when swallowing.

I'm worried that they're back and I don't know what to do about them. I can't exactly have my tonsils removed again!

Any helps / suggestions?

Guest [07/30/2014 00:10] 

i have had a lump in the back of my throat for 3 days and i have been to my doctor about it and he said have a can of coke but its not working and about 20 mins ago i started getting the disgusting malletic taste how so you get rid of it as it is my first time with it please email me ideas how to get rid of it on

Guest [07/29/2014 09:06] 

I discovered that I was suffering from these stones earlier this year. I immediately called and scheduled an appointment with an ENT to have tonsils removed. I had the surgery yesterday and today I'm doing just fine. This was the best option for me because the stones kept coming back and I was always worried about bad breath. Find you a good doctor and get them out. Best decision I ever made!

Guest [07/26/2014 20:17] 

I've had these stones reoccur for about 6 years now and unfortunately I have become a pro at removing them . Forget the q tip or coughing method for they take too long. I just stick my index finger near the opening, flex my neck muscles while applying pressure with my finger and the stones ooze right out in seconds. You will gag and tear up, unless you have serious body control.

Guest [07/25/2014 14:54] 

I collect them and use them as toppings on desserts

Guest [07/17/2014 09:47]E-Mail  

The key problem with tonsilloliths is that you sometimes can not even tell they are there because they are deeply rooted in the crypts of the tonsils. Toothbrushes, toothpicks and a variety of cutting tools can not reach them. But to use a water jet, it is possible to empty the dust and can loosen and even ward off gems.

Guest [07/16/2014 23:48] 

I have always hacked up buts of what I thought was food but was apparently dislodged stones. Today I figured out my Terrible sore throat was caused by these. I poked at one of many on my one tonsil with a qtip but quickly gave up because of the gagging and pain. I then dabbed the qtip in Listerine and poked a little more. An hour later I swallowed a little too hard and the worst smell/taste came into my mouth like a skunk. One of my stones partially dislodged. I'm in much less pain but boy that was GROSS.

Nikhil [07/08/2014 01:49]E-Mail  

I also wanted to remove tonsils but I read im may affect the working of immune system...

Guest [07/02/2014 00:34] 

Uggghhh! I've had an itchy throat for a few days which is pretty normal this time if year for me along with bad sinuses. And allergies, but for the last day or two it has felt like there was a scratch on my tonsil tonight I finally looked in the mirror at it and saw what looked like a little puss and thought damn I am getting strep again, I'm 35 and have gotten it chronically since I was little with each ears and throat pain all the time. Well anyway I cleaned my finger in alcohol then dipped it in Listerine and just went back there to see if it would scrape off then this lump of white stuff came out...I freaked, gagged, coughed all that Lol, never noticed that before. Anyhow I googled hole in tonsil with white stuff and Viola tons of post and I for on tonsil gross but explains slot so I used the qtip method and cleaned alot more from my left tonsil. I am a habitual mouthwash and teeth brusher so it frustrates me that I am getting these and may have had them foe years now. I soooo wish my parents would have had my tonsils taken out when I was little. I'm going to go to an ENT in the next few days and see what I can do, I am over living with a constant sore throat and strep continuously. Hoping I can finally get some relief from this and findingvout I have tonsil stones is just to gross for me to bare. Yuck.

Guest [06/18/2014 07:52] 

I get them quite often and it a pain taking them out. For a few days, I keep wiggling at it to come out and its such a relief after its out. I am able to reach it only with my tongue and somehow that has the softest touch on my tonsil. I tried holding water in my mouth while trying to wiggle the thing out and it helped.

Guest [06/11/2014 22:12] 

I check my mouth daily and gently remove the stones with a long handled plastic spoon.I gargle with a non alcohol based mouthwash twice daily as suggested by my ENT Dr.

Guest [06/04/2014 23:39] 

I just found out about this two hours ago. My bf told me on several occasions my breath stinks even after I brush. I kept feeling like there was something at the back of my throat so I typed in Google bad breath throat and it came up so I just took out a few....omg they stinky almost vomit. I am going doctor to have them look if there is any more there cause I keep gagging. I think I will remove my tonsils I can't stand bad breath. So I will have to do that. Only show on the right side.

Guest [06/03/2014 05:49] 

Im 17 years old and female, have been getting these as long as I can remember. i just push them out with my fingernail. My boyfriend says my breathnever smells but i get sore/itchy throat every day and itchy ears. Considering having them out while I'm still young

Guest [05/26/2014 12:14] 

People need to stop using chop sticks and bobby pins. My doctor has told me my heart and kidney can suffer from tonsil stones.

Guest [05/18/2014 23:40] 

Universal, simple, and easy fix: I'm only a teenager and these form new every ~4 months. Therefore 3-4 times a year I simply put a tiny bit of water in my mouth (literally less than a half sip of water, nearly none), and gargle it with as much force as I can. You may gag but you'll get better and won't with practice. After a few rounds of this, you'll start to see the white stones rise to the surface and will eventually come lose, which I spit out because I think it's fascinating. They smell, but your breath won't.

Guest [05/18/2014 10:51] 

Finally , my fears that I was the only person on this planet with a symptom that my doctor or dentist could not explain other than a bad case of bad breath. I use the end of a tooth brush to remove them. I have only had them on the right side of my tonsils since the age of 11. Last month I got a top partial denture and has been suffering from a build up of mucus at the top of my throat and the tonsil stones has been forming on the left side of my tonsils. I'm am 50 and I wish they would go away. I will try the peroxide and the no gargle after brushing my teeth.

Guest [05/15/2014 14:30]E-Mail  

I had heard of some kind of smelly stone with people who have had their tonsils out.. I didn't know it was before they had them out.. I am 33 I had never experienced this. I had been getting sick and I thought because my throat was dry that's why I had such horrible breath that I could taste.. I was just hoping it was just me.. I'm still to scared to ask my Husband if my breath was that bad.. But the other night I saw a chunk of something white on my left tonsil. I poked at it and a little piece came off. but It was weird and I didn't know what it was. So I did some research and have learned a lot. Tonsil stones guess I have them. However, after using the Qtip method and getting 5or 6 small chunks out of my left tonsil. My right tonsil is still kind of swollen but I haven't managed to get anything out. I too am curious, now that I have had them in my left, will I continue to get them? Does my right tonsil have them and or will it?
I have suffered from itchy ears and ear aches for over 20 years when I am getting sick. I didn't know that this could be the cause. Also, is the the correlation between the sickness and nasal drip the only time the stinky breath is noticed? Thank you everyone for all the advice! I will probably try it all.

Guest [05/04/2014 10:32] 

I never really checked for them but i will today

Guest [05/03/2014 23:32] 

me here again. Viki. I also used the lowest setting

Guest [05/03/2014 23:31] 

ok so my name is Viki. I bought a waterpik jus for this and believe me it worked. I love waterpik and its inventors. On the lowest settings I saw two nasty junkies come out. I am sure there were probably smaller ones. an i touched my tonsils after and dey were not stinky. I feel so much better. so try it. did not hurt and i used the general tip. I bought it about a month ago but didnt hav proper counter space. I hav two kitchen sinks and one of them i hardly used so i used that one. I feel so relieved. Thank you waterpik people!

Guest [04/29/2014 09:43] 

I am 33 and have been dealing with them for years! When to the Dr yesterday and talk to her about my nasal drip and allergies looking for some relief. But my throat wasn't all that sore yet. I just knew it was coming with the weather. Did my morning running around, came home to brush my teeth because my breath was bothering me. As I did I bumped my tonsil and it burst open with a small army of tonsil stones and some puss. It began to bleed pretty good so I went to ER. They in formed me I have tonsillitis and put me on meds. I am very good about clean the stones out but never seen these or this pocket before today. I have I large hole now where the pocket burst open. So it's time I am done. I am going to get them out as soon as my infection is cleared up.

Guest [04/26/2014 01:49] 

After suffering with chronic tonsil stones for a few years, I opted for a tonsillectomy. BEST DECISION EVER (for me).

Guest [04/17/2014 04:32] 


Guest [04/14/2014 18:40] 

HERE\'S THE FIX FOR TONSIL STONES. First, the cause, generically. It\'s simply bacteria as a lot of responders have commented. The fix is really easy. I\'ll use an analogy. If you have a shower drain or sink drain you\'ll know what\'s going on. Especially a bathroom sink where you mostly brush your teeth. After years of use the drain slows from a clog of black slimy material. That\'s bacteria that\'s growing in a dark, moist place. Now let\'s quickly move to the tonsils. A moist, dark place. And in the evening hours there\'s not a lot of swallowing while you\'re sleeping. Hence, no movement to wash away locked-in bacteria. So all you need is to make sure the back of your throat is clean each evening before you go to bed. I used to get these stones regularly over 20 years. I haven\'t had one 10 years!!! Here\'s an experiment. Brush your teeth and don\'t rinse. About 2 minutes later open your mouth and look at your tonsils. They\'re most likely coated with a thick filmy white liquid. That\'s the left over toothpaste that bathing your tonsils. There\'s NOT a better medium to grow bacteria than toothpaste left in your mouth. I\'ve deep-gargle rinsed after brushing before bed and it\'s been over 9 years since I\'ve have one of these. (cured?? Or just removing the element that allows the bacteria to culture?) Some of you might need to gargle rinse after each brushing. The point here is to keep the mouth free of bacteria producing medium. Toothpaste is the biggest offender so get rid of it. Important to note that I deep gargle with water as Mouthwash isn\'t essential. Good luck to you all. As mentioned I haven\'t had even one in 9 years. My stepchild also complained of them. When I suggested this simple fix he no longer gets them. I\'m hoping that someone knows of the acid/base balance that\'s best for growing bacteria. Maybe a fix of this problem can be addressed through an adjustment of the PH in the saliva in your mouth. Hope this helps.

Guest [04/14/2014 00:24] 

I don\'t know how all you guys can remove them. I struggle to even get anything down my throat that far without gagging & it is so hard to see them that far back because my tongue gets in the way. I have no idea how to get into this flap part that has been mentioned to remove them

Guest [04/14/2014 00:15] 

I have been telling doctors about this problem for years & they were disinterested & unhelpful & did not seem to know what they were. Thank you for helping diagnose the problem at least. I used to only get them occasionally but now they seem to be there all the time & I try not to get close to people due to bad breath issue. Would love to be rid of them for good

Guest [04/13/2014 01:40] 

I just got released from the hospital. I have cryptic tonsils and have battled the stones for years. This time I had sinus drainage that caused a sore throat for a few days, I tried removing the stones to no avail. 2 days later I had laryngitis and my tonsils hemmorhaged. I ended up in the hospital with a low grade fever, the inability to swallow and breathe and dehydration (I couldn\'t even swallow my own spit my throat was so swollen) even though it was declared a viral start, Dr scoped me and I ended up with several days of IV antibiotics, fluids and steroids. Home now but my neck and throat hurt so bad that in still on a liquid soft food only diet. I saw those stones back there, just couldn\'t get them out. This is the first time this has ever happened to me in years of dealing with the stones. I\'m 44 and have heard horror stories about getting my tonsils out but I\'d almost do that then die because my tonsils hemmorhaged... No fun at all!!!

Guest [04/12/2014 18:05] 

I\'ve been getting them for over 20 years. I\'ve found the pocket in my tonsil that house these stone. I used an oral irrigator to remove the stone and have been irrigating my tonsils regularly. This is currently working for me. Good Luck!

Guest [04/09/2014 08:19] 

I got them when I was younger, and still do now time for time, usually around the same time I have post nasal drip. My mother would make me gargle with warm salt water, then she would also dip the qtip in salt water then remove them from the crevices of my tonsils; gross! In 20 years since then, I have had them one or two times, but maintaining oral hygiene is important! Also- I heard that the larger your tonsils, the more susceptible you are to accumulate tonsil stones!

Guest [04/08/2014 10:19] 

I just push on mine and since I brush with a toothpaste that I get at health food stores. It helps to soften the calcium build up which makes it easier and less pain to get them out.

Guest [04/02/2014 13:26]E-Mail  

I pray Im on to something. Ive been living with this for years. Very guarded around people not talking, so it makes me look like Im mean and unapproachable. Im 44. I hope it works!

Anca [03/30/2014 13:54] 

Hello all! I have same problem with tonsil stones for more than 15 years since I was 16 years old. At the beginning I didn\'t what are those bad smelling little stones which I eliminate at different moments. I tried antibiotics, for a period of time was ok but afterwards they reappeared. Recently I tried gargle with salty warm water each evening before I go to bed and symptoms were ameliorated. My breath is not as bad in the morning and my throw is not as read as it used to be. So try gargle with salty water at least once a day. Best regards

Guest [03/27/2014 03:20] 

Its irritaing, I have one from past two weeks, its not going, I cant see it, dont know what to do about it :\'(

Guest [03/16/2014 23:51] 

I\'m am 14 and this has already been happening for two years. I just coughed up two right now so I finally decided to loom it up. I have confirmed that that is what it is. Thanks soooooo much.

Guest [03/14/2014 21:08]E-Mail  

I\'m dealing with them now I get them every once and while it feels like I had a big one stuck its driving me crazy it gave me a headache and ear ache all day I then used a q tip but I can\'t see it I usually remove them before they get bad

Guest [03/06/2014 04:42] 

Use a Q tip dabbed in a little bit of tea tree oil... it\'ll dislodge the white spot easily. Or gargle with water mixed with a couple drops of tea tree oil.

Guest [03/05/2014 22:35] 

33yrs old had these things since was a teen..never knew what it was.accidently came across this looking up tonsil stuff for my daughter.crazy! i feel better knowing what it is!i too use a qtip but i jus push around it and it comes out np! its only 1 tonsil that does it!

Guest [03/05/2014 15:07] 


Gigi [03/04/2014 12:04] 

I poke mine out with a q tip and until yesterday never had one where I felt the pop of removing one. I could see it there for days and was thinking maybe it was strep but I know the taste and smell of a stone and kept poking around it and it popped out. I am 44 and have had them since I was a kid, they have gotten more frequent as a adult. Nasty little things.

Guest [02/21/2014 16:49] 

I must\'ve had a big one stuck in my throat a few weeks ago. Kept clearing my throat tried to cough it up but nothing. Finally went away on it\'s own. I think I swallowed it. yuk!

Guest [02/14/2014 23:44] 

hi I have this problem for like 30 years, but until recently I didn\'t know what those things were; what I\'ve noticed is that they seem to reduce in time if I drink lots of tea, about 1 or 1 and a half liters a day, and also lots of water, about two liters a day, plus the tea, I think that maybe it\'s true that they may be caused by a disfunction in the lymph system, so I assume getting it cleaned might be the real solution, because we know the tonsils are part of the lymphatic system and they produce lymph or something like that. I accidently discovered that drinking lots of liquid reduced the bad breath two years aho, when I had a kidney condition so it was necessary for me to drink lots of water and tea. I drank those for a couple of month and thatseemed to also have an effect in reducing bad breath......but then I sttoped drinking and the bad breath came back. Now I\'m gona try it again cause I can\'t staind the smell and taste in my mouth anymore. I willbe back to tell you if it was effective, but besided that I intend to appply the other methods, like gargling and everything.

Guest [02/10/2014 12:00] 

I had these a lot when u was a kid in grade school. But now im in my 30\'s havent had them since I was a child. Never knew what it was... (no internet, no google)

Guest [02/08/2014 15:13] 

I\'m almost 30 now and I\'ve been having bad breath for 19 years. Never knew what the problem was until 2 years ago when I googled and guessed that I might be having tonsil stones. Today after reading this page I have confirmed my fears and guess what?.. I think the best option is surgery. OMG! This problem has been denying me of confidence to talk around people as I\'m feeling very uncomfortable and embarrassed when they turn away when I\'m speaking to them or even when I\'m singing in church. God help me. Thank you guys for sharing your experiencee coz I\'m now feeling relieved to know that I\'m not alone.

Guest [02/03/2014 12:54] 

Have had these gross things since my twenties. Had my tonsils out at age 5 so its not that.
Same bad breath symptoms.
My solution is once/week in the shower to swish my finger around in the back of my throat. This dislodges them. Yes, it makes me gag. Sometimes right finger, sometimes left. Seems like they form on the back of the tongue and not where the tonsils were, but not sure. Best of luck to you all.

Guest [02/02/2014 21:22] 

I suffer from these for the last year or so. The more I\'ve poked at them with dental qtips to \"pop\" them out the more I get them. 3 Doctors have told me to stop putting anything on my tonsils, because it introduces more bacteria, exacerbating the problem. One of my tonsil crypts that was full of this white stuff bled a lot yesterday... I wish I had never started poking at them because now I have a much bigger problem.... More and more of them. You may think you have \"popped\" one out but I am almost certain that you have simply just broken off one and can\'t see the end... Therefore, it comes back over and over.

Guest [01/30/2014 00:15] 

Therabreath mouth rinse absolutely works. My tonsil stones can come back, for example with a cold, but the Therabreath keeps them away the rest of the time.

Guest [01/24/2014 23:12] 

flonnies seem to work for me, the tonsils shrink, allowing them to be cleaned the next day. My tonsils used to filled up during my period. Also, tequila cleans it out whenever they appeared, once a month.

Guest [01/24/2014 11:39] 

I have them right now.. i have ear aches and a sore throat. I cant seem to get them out myself. Im hoping the doctor will just remobe my tonsils. Nobody can say it doesnt anf no on can say it does... i guess it depends on the person.

Guest [01/19/2014 00:21] 

If you have cryptic tonsils like me the only way to get rid of tonsil stones for good is to have a tonsillectomy. Had mine removed last week and the DR said they were filled with stones. So glad I had them removed.

Guest [01/17/2014 15:45] 

I had them when I was 16. Once they started they did not stop and everyday I was cleaning them out. One was the size of a pea every other day. Yellow/pale green in color and stinky. Tonsillectomy was the only way. Dr. took 5 seconds to look in my mouth and said, \"yep, they have to come out.\" I never had a sore throat. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that the tonsillectomy was the most painful surgery and recovery of my life. Two solid weeks of level 10 pain. That\'s saying something because I have had two children with C-sections. I would rather give birth through my nostril than go through that again. Tonsillectomy though is the only way. Now, I can breathe easier, swallow medications without gagging and don\'t have to worry about chronic stinky tonsilliths. I am now 41 and never had another problem.

Guest [01/15/2014 22:17] 

I\'m 62 and just had my first bout with these odd, pesky things. About a month ago I had the sensation of something stuck in my throat. Hacking like a cat with a hair ball. Like a popcorn husk lodged there. Finally after about 5 days I spotted a white dot on my right tonsil. Immediately I assumed I had tonsil cancer. After a search on Google I found I had a nasty tonsil stone. I enlisted a friend, a good friend.. to help extract that bad boy. We used a bamboo skewer wrapped with cotton to press all around the area with much gagging and slapping him away. He was persisent and out popped not one but about 6 stones. Ick! Nasty but instant relief! 2 crypts extracted. Hairball feeling gone. But after a month today we saw another white speck in the same spot. Did the same procedure and out popped only one. What a odd thing to deal with at 62. Didn\'t have the bad breath problem but the metallic taste was there. If this goes on I\'ll opt for tonsil removal.. regardless of the age thing!

Guest [01/12/2014 22:50]E-Mail  

The only real fix for this is having your tonsils removed. I did it and have never looked back. I was exhausted at removing them daily and constantly covering my mouth when speaking to people. Just an idea.

Guest [01/10/2014 20:24] 

first time I saw something white on my tonsil I freaked out. Eventually they went away but months later they reappeared so I asked my dentist (who had no idea what I was talking about) I did my own research and found out what they actually were. While using my finger I gagged on every attempt to removed them. I would poke and probe until my tonsil was sore. Eventually, I went to a Chinese restaurant and on seeing the chop stick I came up with the brilliant idea of using a pair of them to remove the tonsil stones. Works like a pro. Simply wrap the ends of them with small pieces or a cotton ball. Dip the wrapped ends in water to tighten the any loose cotton fibers. Use one of the sticks to hold the tongue in place and another to push at the tonsil stone. Its almost like popping a zip. Add pressure but not too much. It will be uncomfortable but you will get used to it. The Apple Cider Vinegar suggestion sounds great for gargling on a regular so thanks for that tip guys.

Erin [01/06/2014 02:48]E-Mail  

I\'m 14 and I\'ve had it for a couple months. I went to the doctor with a sore throat, and he said it was a tonsil stone. He didn\'t mention they would
continue to irritate my thorat, or that they would be so irritating in general. That\'s really truly exciting that these probably will never go away.

Guest [01/05/2014 09:30] 

I\'ve been dealing with tonsil stones for 20+ years. My best tool for removal is a blackhead remover / comedone remover. It\'s a metal stick with a scoop at one or both ends. The scoop has a hole in the middle. Because it\'s smooth, it\'s not too irritating, and I can reach both the stones stuck behind the tonsil flap and the stones stuck in crevasses (some of mine are actually tunnels). Hope this helps!

Holly [01/03/2014 13:45] 

Also despite them being mainly calcium based, I do not think dairy products are to blame as I do not drink milk eat butter yogurt or any kind of dairy product and I don\'t very often eat cheese,
However I spent about an hour last night trying to get them out with a a-tip/cotton bud with no luck, just gagging, which helped to dislodge them slightly I must admit, in the end I gave up and sat down I front of the telly with a fosters, in the morning three fell out within about 40seconds of each other, and I\'ve had more fall out throughout the day today, is fosters the cure? May be a fun one to try

Holly [01/03/2014 13:11] 

I started getting tonsil stones after having a really mucusy chesty cough and at first I just thought it was remains of that until I was googling tonsillitis (as my tonsil had flared up again) and tonsil stones came up as a recommendation, after watching several YouTube videos on how to remove them and making myself feel queasy I tried the cotton bud/qtip method with no such luck as it made me gag too much,
Is there a way to stop myself gagging so much?

Guest [01/02/2014 07:49] 

iv had these stones for years now, im 51, iv had mouth washes from dr, used tongue scrapers, floss, gargled etc. can go few weeks/ months with nothing an then they start again. the smell is putrid, my confidence is zero. saw dr 3 years ago n said wont take my tonsils out unless i had tonsolitus more than 3 times a year and i had to stay off work with it. thinking of going private? have seen people cover their mouth n move away when talking to me, really getting me down

Guest [12/28/2013 21:43] 

The water pik made my tonsils bleed, it was on the lowest setting too. And the stones came back the next day.

Guest [12/24/2013 20:32] 

I\'ve been struggling with this for a few months now. It\'s really gross. I was able to get my first ones out with a bit of digging with my finger but I just felt some more today after eating. Made me gag and throw up. It seems that after gargling water and digging, small pieces came up but I still felt something the back of my throat. I tried everything but nothing worked. Then I figured I\'d try gargling with very warm water. This soothed my throat so much. I then added some apple cider vineger to the warm water which helped alot as well. The apple cider vineger and water mixture brought more pieces up. I think this might be the easiest, least painful way to remove these stupid things. I keep feeling more so I gargled more of the mixture, letting it sit if I could stand it. So if you are out of ideas, please try this.. it may help end the insanity that comes with trying to remove the darn things.

Guest [12/23/2013 01:55] 

I\'ve felt with these for years, with other symptoms (chronic congestion, ear ache, eye problems) my ENT removed my tonsils solely because of the stones, he didn\'t really think they needed to come out, until he took them out and saw how bad they were. 6 months since and I\'m back in the same situation with a very rarely discussed tonsil, my lingual tonsils. These are at the very back/base of your tongue. Same story, catching everything I swallow and causing stones. These tonsils are structural, and rarely removed (and can\'t be totally removed) I\'ve research exhaustively and delt with every aspect, preventative measures, removal, I\'m a subject matter expert. I\'m going back to my ENT in two weeks to tell him to remove my linguals, and if he doesn\'t, I will find someone who will. There is NO other cure for stones besides removing the place they form.

guest [12/14/2013 11:43] 

I might be doing the wrong thing but I do not suffer from bad breath. what I do is put my own suction on my tonsils and if I have any stones they come out. I do this suction everyday and maybe a couple times a month I might come up with a stone. I think the habitual suction on the tonsil keeps them clean. Who knows and of course the routine brushing and flossing.

R.A [11/28/2013 21:52]E-Mail  

I have the same problem for 5 years. after trying all the solutions.

I decided to remove the tonsils and now I feel much better.
And believe me you will feel the difference, because this is the only solution.

Guest [11/26/2013 06:07] 

Use a rubber handglove, stick the tube of a pen in the thumb and tide with the other fingers around the hose of your vacuum cleaner. To suck them out is the best way.

Guest [11/24/2013 11:15] 

I have found using apple cider vinegar diluted down works great as mouth wash. I also use a syringe. That works great for ones you can see but I have some that seem imbedded in my tonsil. How can I get it out?

Guest [11/23/2013 17:05] 

Came across this page awhile ago its like a support page for people who have to deal with these tonsil stonesl lol but its cool reading about the diff expereinces from people like what are they doing or did to deal with these things and my experience with this is that at first i had no idea what they were or was coming from i thought they were coming from my stomach because i kept coughing them up lol but my girlfriend told me they were coming from my tonsils she went through the same thing before we got together so she knew but everytime i would look in the back of my throat i would never see them until one day i seen 2 stones on the right lower tonsil my girl was right and ever since i knew where they where coming from and what they were i knew i had to do something about them because i hated them like really hate them they are sick and its uncomfortable knowing you got these things in the back of your throat so i would always look at the back of my throat to see if there was any then try to get them out now when i first seen them i got em out by using my finger pushing them out but that was hard and couldnt always do it because i would gag but ive had these things for a while so now im like a pro at pushing em out with no problem and for me thats the only thing that truly works i tryed the mouthwash i would gargle after everytime i ate breakfast/lunch/dinner doesnt work i never used the water tool shooting water at them so i cant speak on if it works or not but even if it does all these are just temp. solution to the problem and if you are fine with that then keep doing it what works for you but i hate these things so much that i dont want to deal with them at all so i went to a ent last week and he basically said the only way to totally get rid of them and never deal with them again is to get your tonsils taken out so thats what im goin to do on dec 2nd and ive read been reading and heard about how its horrible getting them taken out and some people say its not that bad as people make it sound but i dont care how bad it is it will only be for a short period while healing and be so worth it once im %100 recovered and when i do recover i will post a comment to let people know how it goes.

Guest [11/20/2013 22:47] 

Sonic care air flosser device blows them out very effectively

Guest [11/03/2013 09:52] 

I am 40 and have never seen tonsil stones or knew about them until recently when I felt something stuck in my throat and saw something white. I went to an ENT and he popped it out, then I thought, I saw some of this come out like months ago, then he showed me how I could do it at home, by using my finger and pushing. Now I use an aesthetician metal blemish remover, it has that thin hook and I can scoop them out. I bought therabreath and gargle with listerine and salt water too. Well I think I started getting this 6 months ago after 4 rounds of antibiotic within an 8 month period, the last one from a root canal that sorta got an infection. I\'d get an itchy ear and fits of coughing from an itchy throat. I bet my tonsils flared up to try to trap bacteria of all sorts. My body and throat is now all whacked from too much antibiotic treatment, I think. I\'m now looking at probiotics, I need to get back to my old self and hopefully get rid of these.

Guest [10/23/2013 15:02] 

I have had issues as a kid with tonsil stones breaking free,and spitting them out here and there, but have not had them for years.I\'ve been living abroad for about 15 years and never had a issue. Now that I\'m back in the state\'s, and around all this yummy food,and my diet has changed up a little.I got hit with a big tonsillitis infection which is probably the most painful thing I\'ve been through.So pay close attention to diet, and i believe u can keep it under-control.Also syringe cleaned it up pretty well, but u still might need q-tips during process for hard to reach places.So enjoy gagging..

Guest [10/10/2013 12:17] 

I have had tonsil stones since I was a kid- had strep throat a few timea- even in my 40s I have asked a few doctors to take my tonsils out and they have all said no - that they dont do that anymore. Does anytone know of a good ENT Dr in Fort Lauderdale or Miami that I can go to? I am now 50 and still suffer from the stones- sometimes they come big as a flattened pea- usually yellowish or green in color. I have to pick them out with a q tip or I use the back of the - end portion of the childrens tooth brush to get them out- i hate them and it\'s gross -

Guest [10/09/2013 21:15] 

I don\'t believe anyone mentioned gargling with baking soda and warm water. It seems to work like salt water in that it deep cleans the tonsils. But for me, the baking soda solution works for a longer period of time. The key is to GARGLE not just swish it around your mouth/teeth. The gargling must become part of a daily routine to keep the stones at bay. All the best to everyone!

Guest [10/07/2013 10:43] 

Thank you all for the tips, I suffer from the gross tonsil rocks as well, and it does not help with intimacy because it\'s embarrassing to kiss when your breath smells like --it

Guest [10/06/2013 06:59] 

I had my tonsils out 45 years ago, and I have these darn stones. I wouldn\'t tell anyone that surgery is the answer to the problem. Putting pressure on the side, if you can stand the gagging pops them out.

Guest [09/19/2013 23:31] 

I read all the wayspeople use to extract these throat boogers and one I haven\'t seen is the method I use which has always worked well for me the 30+ years I\'ve had them. I don\'t attack the stone directly by trying to pull it out. I use a Q-tip to push NEXT to the crater with the stone and it\'ll all come bursting out... sometimes it\'s a LOT and I actually have 3 holes in my right tonsil that I have to maintenance.

Guest [09/19/2013 12:40] 

I use a q tip with hydrogen peroxide to clean my tonsils almost every day.

Guest [09/11/2013 00:04]E-Mail  

added note..the over production of lymph fluid secreted by your tonsils makes them sticky which traps food which then attracts bacteria. clean your lymph systems! :) it will help.

Guest [09/10/2013 23:59]E-Mail  

***please read****
tonsils are part of the lymph system. an over-production of lymph fluid OR a dirty lymph system could cause tonsil stones. to clean the lymph system...drink lots of water and rebounding or some other activity that moves your skeleton. there is more lymph fluid in your body than blood but no pump to move it through to clean the toxins deposited in the lymph nodes. Of course, keep on with the tonsil crypt cleansing as well but until the tonsils are removed or you detox your lymph system...the tonsililoths will keep producing.

Guest [09/08/2013 20:55]E-Mail  

I had my tonsils removed but still have the stones growing in the back of my thoart on the right side. What should I do in a situation like this?

Guest [09/06/2013 20:40] 

I discovered these things when I was a kid. I have a really long tongue and I figured out back then (40 yrs old now) I could reach back and dig them out with my tongue. I still do this to this day. Mostly when I\' m bored and no one\'s looking because I can make some strange faces when doing so. Call me weird but I get kind of a rush when I\'m able to dig out a big one.

Guest [09/06/2013 17:41] 

for Some they are just a chronic problem, I\'ve heard it depends on the pocket size of your tonsils. I know I have some back there by the taste in my mouth. When I smell them I get my flashlight and my dental pick out, and pick them out. The smell of my breath is rapidly changed.

Guest [08/31/2013 12:26] 

The laser is a temporary fix because your tonsils can grow back. After about 7 years, mine grew back and I have the problem again. My advice is to remove the tonsils. I wish I wasn\'t talked into the laser because I was prepared for the surgery and if I had done it, I wouldn\'t be experiencing this problem again. It can\'t be good to constantly be messing with your throat.

Guest [08/27/2013 13:18] 

I am prone to getting tonsil stones, and I find that irrigating them a few times a month with a water pik, and using a oxygenating mouthwash has REALLY helped. The bad breath associated with this problem is a real drag, but the oxygenating mouthwash (Therebreath) seems to fix it like nothing else has.

Guest [08/22/2013 22:28] 

Yeah it\'s chronic. I posted here about a month ago, the 21 yo, and I had never gotten these before.
Since that post, I get the weekly. And my breath is always stale. I\'m seeing and ENT doctor soon. I want my tonsils out if that\'s the only cure. I\'m young; I can\'t deal with this for the rest of my life.
My parents are against me removing any body parts though :(

Guest [08/18/2013 19:23] 

I\'ve noticed if i drink acidic drinks they tend to fall out more.

Guest [08/05/2013 00:42] 

I have been suffering with bad breath and stones for years. I got my tonsils removed but still have the breath problems and feel like something is still stuck in my throat when I swallow. Does anyone else have this problem?

s [07/30/2013 02:00] 

i have been worried about my tonsil stone for a few days. the postings could relieve me of my worries to some extent!

Guest [07/28/2013 03:12] 

I\'m 21 yo and I just had my first tonsil stone removed. By me, lol like 20 minutes ago. I haven\'t checked if there are more in my tonsils yet, I\'ll do that tomorrow after given them a break. Anyway, what I could like to know is if this is going to be chronic?
I was sick for the past 2 weeks with a post nasal drip and a lot of mucous. Prior to that illness, I\'ve NEVER had tonsil stones before.
Has this ever happened to anyone where it was just a one time thing? It seems like most ppl here have it all the time.

Guest [07/27/2013 14:20] 

You can get your tonsils lasered now on NHS or privately. Costs 1500 but only takes ten mins and hurts mildly for a few days. Much safer.

Guest [07/26/2013 12:30] 

So I\'m 14 and I\'ve had this problem for a few years. I\'ve always thought that when I occasionally coughed up the stone that they came from my stomach or throat. I thought it was just food. Lately I\'ve been getting this problem but worse that now I\'m getting the white stones in front. I\'m worried about how this will affect me and how to remove them. I\'ve been trying the salt water and if anyone can help me relief me of this discomfort that the tonsil stones have caused for years: sore throats, ear pain, and the occasional bad breath. It would really help me. Thanks.

Enlightened Patient [07/23/2013 22:41] 

Like so many other people, I too thought this was normal and that everyone hacked up smelly yellow stones every once and a while. I was shocked when I was \"diagnosed\" with tonsilloliths. My doctor was examining my throat during an appointment and asked me out of the blue, do you have problems with bad breath? And to my embarrassment, I said I didn\'t know whether or not I did! He explained that I had tonsil stones and that people who suffer with these often have bad breath and don\'t even realize it. Since I\'ve come to the realization that these things are not \"normal,\" I\'ve done everything to distance myself from them.
So, to help get rid of/prevent the nasty breath associated with these little buggers, this is my nightly routine: nasal saline spray in both nostrils (will drip down your throat and get rid of any residual nasal mucous); use q-tip to clean out tonsil crevices; brush teeth; scrape tongue; floss; gargle with Listerine mouthwash
My morning routine is: gargle with warm salt water; brush teeth; gargle with Listerine.
I\'m thinking of adding a WaterPik to the mix, as using q-tips often irritates my throat.

Kate [07/23/2013 03:16] 

Some people get them fro drinking milk or eating chocolate

Guest [07/23/2013 03:13] 

I found a solution after suffering from tonsil stones for a couple of years. Mine were bad cos they were recurring every two days. After trying many things I discovered something that got rid of them completely. I got a got a packet of throaties from the supermarket. Throaties come in two varieties red pack and purple pack. For me the purple pack ddidnt work at all. But the red worked like a miracle I had been hoping for. They are the size of a sweet and when sucked slowly they take about 4 hours to completely dissolve. Another trick that I learned was after brushing at night I slept with a throatie in my mouth. In the morning my throat felt so much better I continuously did throaties until the problem completely disappeared. I am no doctor but I recommend this as a cure.

Guest [07/21/2013 10:18] 

I almost didn\'t click on this article because that picture is so disgusting. I don\'t want to look as someone else tonsil stones I just want to know how to get rid of them... change the picture

Man Bear [07/19/2013 00:04] 

Let me say, I have tonsil stones randomly occur they annoy me. If I touch my tonsil with my finger it smells very putrid. I one time managed to get one out and it smelled horrid. Currently I have had this bad breath again but the stones were well hidden and they were in my mouth for several days. I need a tonsillectomy fast.

Guest [07/18/2013 19:40] 

i am also suffering from bad breath and when i was young i used to have tonsil stones could they be the reason for my bad breath?

Guest [07/15/2013 03:34] 

I am 23 and have had tonsil stones that I see about once a week for 6 months now. I\'m pretty sure they started because of a new prescription that gives me dry mouth because I am an avid brusher, flosser, and mouthwash user. Using my finger to gently push them out worked ok but I recently purchased a waterpik and it works the best. I noticed that when I used the waterpik after pushing out the stones my finger about 3 more came out that I never would have seen with the flashlight. They are annoying and I too considered getting my tonsils removed, but for now I\'m just going to stick with the waterpik until I finish my prescription. Hope this helps!

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