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What causes garlic breath and how to get rid of garlic breath

Many chefs and health-conscious people around the world love garlic. It can add a unique flavor and aroma to any meal and it is also good for the heart and is loaded with anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, the sulphuric compounds that give garlic their health benefits and taste also give people an unpleasant odor which is known as 'garlic breath'. In this article, we will cover why garlic makes your breath smell and also how to get rid of garlic breath.

Why does garlic make your breath smell

Garlic and other members of the allium plant family (onions, shallots, leeks) produce cysteine sulfoxide and this gives them their distinct odor and taste. These sulfuric compounds are very similar to the compounds that are produced by the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

There are two ways that garlic makes breath smell bad. The first way is that when you eat garlic the sulfuric compounds get in your mouth and they will immediately give you garlic breath. These odorous compounds will remain in the mouth until they are brushed, flossed, scraped, or flushed out.

The second way garlic affects your breath is through your lungs. There was an interesting study (link to the study) done in 1936 where two doctors fed garlic soup to a patient who suffered from cancer of the esophagus. Due to the cancer, the patient was fed through a tube that entered the stomach through the abdominal wall, completely bypassing the mouth. They noticed that although garlic did not enter the patients mouth, they still detected garlic in his breath 3 hours later. This old study supports other studies that have been carried out recently.

The compound that causes the breath that comes from the lungs to smell like garlic is allyl methyl sulfide (AMS). AMS is a gas which is absorbed into the blood during the metabolism of garlic. From the blood it is transferred to the lungs where it is then exhaled. Some of this AMS is even excreted from the pores of the skin. This is why garlic breath is so hard to get rid of at times. No matter how much you clean and brush your mouth, the garlic odor will still be in the air you exhale because it comes from the lungs.

How to get rid of garlic breath

The best way to get rid of garlic breath is to stop eating it, this is the only way to completely eliminate garlic breath. Also it is difficult for you to know if you have garlic breath or how bad it really is. If removing garlic from your diet is not an option here are some remedies for garlic breath. Please note that although you may neutralize the garlic breath compounds in the mouth, the sulfuric compounds will still be exhaled from your lungs, still making your breath smell like garlic. The effectiveness of these remedies are therefore debatable, but at least these will lower the smell of garlic that comes from your mouth and lowering overall the smell of garlic on your breath.

Remedies for garlic breath

The single most effective way to get rid of garlic is breath is the mechanical removal of the garlic particles and volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth. This is carried out by brushing and flossing your teeth, using a tongue scraper, and swishing and gargling mouthwash. Using a tongue scraper is very important step in removing the sulfuric compounds from your tongue. The following list of remedies are additional things you can do before or after brushing, flossing, and scraping but should not replace the mechanical removal of the garlic particles. The following are only meant to cover up or neutralize the garlic compounds before or after you brush, floss, and scrape. If you only try these remedies without removing the garlic particles, you will do little to get rid of your garlic breath and it will return shortly.

  • WaterPik - Using a WaterPik is effective at removing the garlic compounds on and in between the teeth. You may also use the oral irrigator attachment to blow water in the back of your mouth to remove any particles that may be back there.

  • Parsley - A lot of the times recipes that use garlic also use parsley as well because parsley is effective in neutralizing the odors of garlic. Try chewing on parsley after eating garlic.

  • Cardamom, mint, fennel, cloves, anise seeds - these seeds and herbs are similar to parsley in the fact that they help neutralize or mask the garlic odor.

  • Lemon - Lemon is very effective in neutralizing the garlic odor and it is also has anti-bacterial properties that will kill bacteria. Try sucking on a lemon wedge after eating garlic. Also washing your hands with lemon juice helps to remove the odor from your hands.

  • Drink tea - Tea, especially green and peppermint, contain polyphenols that reduce the volatile sulfur compounds that the garlic produces. Drink tea while or after eating garlic.

  • Chew sugar-free gum - This will help to mask the odor of the garlic and will help dislodge garlic and food particles that might be stuck on or between your teeth.

  • Drink milk - In a study done in 2010 it was proved that drinking milk helped reduce the odor of garlic in one's breath. It is theorized that the fat content in milk helps neutralize the odors. Whole milk was more effective than skim milk and it is most effective when the garlic is mixed with the milk (gross!), instead of drinking it after.

  • Chew coffee beans - Various people have reported that chewing coffee beans or grounds for a bit and then spitting them out helps reduce garlic breath.

  • Switch to odorless garlic supplements - If you eat garlic because of its health benefits, consider switching to odorless garlic supplements.

Also do not neglect other necessary oral health care while trying to get rid of garlic breath. Read our article on How To Get Rid of Bad Breath for an overview of a basic oral care regimen that will help you have fresh breath.

Hopefully these will help you get rid of garlic breath or at least lower its effects. If you have any other tips please share them below. Thanks!

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Guest [08/15/2014 23:35] 


Guest [07/10/2014 14:16] 

Well i have to say very impress. Rubbing your hand on Stainless work, eating almonds works and Green tea as well. Thanks Guys.

Faustino [06/24/2014 20:20]E-Mail  

From your hands, you just need to have tap watter running on them wile you gentlely clap your hands. garlic smell automatically disappers. No kidding.

Guest [06/18/2014 16:51] 

Just like Stainless Steel works on your hands to get rid of the smell it also works on your tongue! Find something stainless and lick it! It works....

maarten [05/20/2014 03:30] 

try almonds, at least i got some positive experience with it.

Guest [05/19/2014 23:34] 

I find it interesting that on every forum or any kind of 'comment' website, somebody invariably makes a nasty remark, such as (here) "boring." And somebody else tries to proselytize and convert others to their religion. It never fails. And before you know it, several others get hooked into the 'off topic' back and forth. Just stick with the topic, people, and be NICE. Don't get your kicks off of creating controversy or being rude to others. That being said.....There's no 'one cure works for all' solution to the garlicky breath dilemma, but some of these suggestions will work for some of the people, so that's great. I'll just try them all. :)

Mom of Prom Night Princess Stink Cloud [05/17/2014 23:18] 

She LOOKED drop-dead GORGEOUS, like Cinderella going to the ball, as she took off for her senior prom tonight!!! But... she'd had some Chinese food yesterday, and I noticed shortly before she left that A GARLIC STINK CLOUD seemed to be emanating from her entire being. As long as you were about 5 feet away from her, it wasn't too noticeable. But she's going to be in a car with others and dancing the night away!

She'd showered earlier, and no amount of brushing or gargling was helping, so I ran for the computer. Help, Almighty Google! Help!

(Seriously, how could someone who looked THAT pretty smell THAT bad?! This was not good! We'd just spent the last 2 weeks trying to make sure every tiny detail would be absolutely perfect for tonight! Too bad we forgot about the potential pitfalls of certain foods.)

After reading your comments, forgetting we had milk, not having any parsley or green tea handy, and now having only a few minutes to find SOMETHING in our house that she could use, I'm sure hoping those 4 lemon wedges she ate before she ran out the door will make her smell even half as pretty as she looks! Nothing like having tiny flowers in your hair but smelling like a stink weed.

As her mom, maybe I should be okay with this. There probably won't be much making out going on afterwards when she and her boyfriend go with friends to park and look at the city below. :o)

Foods with garlic the day before a once-in-a-lifetime event? Uh... no.

But thank you, Helpful Google Folks. Next time we stink, we'll know of several more things we can try! And I'm probably going to buy some of those little parsley oil capsules we used to have around here years ago, too.

Guest [05/09/2014 00:25] 


Guest [05/09/2014 00:24] 


Guest [04/14/2014 16:37] 

lol to the \"red wine helps\" sure does and does and does...however, I feel great but my garlic breath is still stinky!

Guest [03/18/2014 09:35] 

I\'m in a biology class. And I just ate a raw clove of garlic as a dare. No tooth paste and only mint gum. My god.

Royal Guest [03/13/2014 06:57] 

@ Guest 11/14/13 It\'s not about you either. Your Pie Hole is rude.

Abraham [03/12/2014 15:06]E-Mail  

I like garlic so much n whenever I take n I come along my friends they tend today wall away from me,n am happy coz I hv read those tips of scarring bad breath to hell

Guest [02/28/2014 12:54] 

Some of us cannot digest garlic well....hence garlic breath that goes on for days. As we age, the sphincter at the top of the stomach gets weak which causes acid to back up (heartburn). Garlic increases the relaxation of that sphicnter muscle and makes matters worse. Best to avoid it if your body cannot digest it - but easier said than done when eating out.

Guest [02/03/2014 10:32]E-Mail  

I do not work for them I am just a long term bad breath sufferer. Listerine, Scope, Spirulina, chlorella, Chlorophyll and on and on helped a bit but not even close to Therabreath.

henry meister [01/24/2014 12:18]E-Mail  

George E. DeLallo Co., Inc.
sells \"desensitized\" garlic. eat all you want, firm & tasty, no smell, $10 per lb. i find it in the deli at Safeway. anybody know how this is done?
thank you, henry

Guest [11/21/2013 12:52] 

Black tea with milk. Killed it. Yay! I hate garlic breath.

Guest [11/14/2013 04:18] 

Person with the grammer lesson needs to shut his/her PIE HOLE . It\'s not about you, it\'s about garlic ! Hahaha

Spock [11/08/2013 15:54] 

Garlic, the tepid amongst the poor.

Yahan Majiid [11/08/2013 15:53] 

The garlic has got people on a walls! My take 2 ketchups, toungue pat down 2 milk. Toungue, ketchups, milk. Worked for my and my wife.

JoBeth [10/27/2013 10:21] 

I drank some lemon juice and ate a couple basil leaves. I dont smell anymore garlic on my breath so far. Good stuff. Hope it lasts

Guest [10/07/2013 07:47] 

i love garlic so so much.

Dexter [08/29/2013 22:24] 


Guest [08/19/2013 20:51] 

For me, the lime helped about 50% but after I drank water and ate raw, sprouted seeds mix (sprouted hemp, sunflower, buckwheat, sesame seeds), the taste and smell disappeared almost completely.

Sedza [07/03/2013 14:03]E-Mail  

I couldnt stand garlic breath from a coworker thats why i looked out for this page.thank you for the tips , i hope i will be brave enough to suggest them to her.

Guest [06/29/2013 13:12] 

Rubbing your fingers on stainless steel will remove garlic odor from your fingers.

Cubana [06/29/2013 13:08] 

IMHO It seems to me one option for spouses is to ensure both of you have garlic, perhaps in a salad dressing. Garlic is a key ingredient of Cuban food and I can\'t imagine never having it again. Gaic is a healthy food which also adds flavor to your meals.

Garlic widow [06/28/2013 10:11] 

Todd, I can relate. My husband ate some takeaway Indian food last night, heavily laced with arlic, and it was the same outcome as you exoerienced with your wife, except I actually tried sleeping in our bed, just turned the other way and managed to get to sleep. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous and had to open door and windows because of the vile odour. He is in the spare room tonight as he still reeks. I hope he can give it up for my sake, as I can\'t even be in close proximity to him at the moment.

Guest [06/13/2013 22:49] 

bitters and lime, guaranteed to work...

Guest [06/03/2013 11:44] 

I had a big bowl of ice cream and two cupsnof green tea with lemon juice and antotal of 4 bags of green tea. There is no teace of garlic in mybbreath anymore and this took only about 10 minutes.

Todd [05/26/2013 12:23]E-Mail  

My wife has the lung problem with garlic breath. She ate Chinese food Friday night that had a bunch of garlic cloves in it. I got home from work on Saturday night, more then 24 hours later, and I could smell her breath when I walked in the kitchen and she was in the living room the next room over. I refused to sleep in the same room as her that night and I went into the room Sunday morning to say hi and the entire room reeked of garlic. She loves garlic and I don\'t know if she is willing to give it up for me but I can\'t even be in the same room as her for days after she eats it. Can garlic ruin a marriage? I hope not. It\'s sunday and all I want to do is leave the house alone :(

George [05/08/2013 09:50] 

I was diagnosed with High Blood pressure and looking for a natural remedy, beside my prescription, I found garlic as one of the best. Various researches show results very promising like dropping heart attacks by 50% after consuming garlic for several months but, eating garlic every day for several months? Well health first and I am in my first week having one raw clove, minced by myself, every day. I take it in the morning with 2 lemon juice, I place the garlic in a spoon and swallow it with the juice, I avoid as much possible the contact with my mouth, then I drink one full glass of water. During the day I drink at least 4-6 cups of green tea. My marriage is still solid, I still have my friends and customers, but I don\'t have garlic odor.

BlackFinSwampert [05/04/2013 07:58] 

Seems that the green tea is helping, thanks for the tips!

BlackFinSwampert [05/04/2013 07:08] 

Had too much garlic last night. Seems that the green tea option has the most positive feedback, so I\'ll try some of that plus the two packs of gum I have on standby. I can even smell the garlic myself the morning after, bleah...

Guest [04/22/2013 11:38] 

I tried the tips here and I\'m impressed with the results. I swear by breath assure/mint assure...which I can no longer find in a brick/mortar. Ordering on-line will not help me today. I tend to go to extremes, and this worked for me:
1. 3 capsules of Chlorofresh (similar to breath assure but not as effective, not even close)
2. 3 tablets of a spirulina supplement from trader joe\'s
3. 3 bags of black tea/mint blend by yogi +
3 bags of green tea (generic oolong) steeped for awhile in about 8oz of water
4. Waterpik\'d with baking soda and warm water
5. Sonicare\'d for 2 rounds
6. Used a tongue scrape (my brand is breath rx)

Within a few minutes I\'m burping freshness :)

My hands smell awful from chopping garlic and onions last night - holding the tea bags seems to help, but only temporarily. I\'m contemplating soaking them in epsom salt.

I\'m taking a travel mug of the tea mix with me today for sipping throughout the day.

I\'m a psychotherapist, so I cannot avoid talking for 72 hours after a yummy garlic meal. I used to avoid garlic and onions completely, but I am returning to vegan lifestyle and if I want flavor, these 2 evils are essential. I\'m liking this regiment. Best of luck to all! Let me know if this process works for you.

Guest [04/20/2013 13:12] 

if parsley, lemon and mint is good for taking out the garlic smell, try making tabouli, just add cracked wheat and olive oil a little salt and pepper to the above ingredients.Eat it after a meal.I make my own tabouli with the above ingredients only.

horse1919 [04/08/2013 18:52]E-Mail  

i was doing the garlic powder challenge and it seems i have that odor and i tried different foods and did not work,so i came here and saw the lemon one and it worked!!!yay finally no more garlic odor!

Bianca [04/05/2013 07:51] 

I used garlic and warm water to treat my daughter\'s eye infection. I took a few cloves and cut them in half, placed them in purified water, simmered them for half an hour, let the water cool, and with cotton pads dabbed my little girl\'s eyes with the garlic water. This morning, my baby woke up with no more yellow gunk oozing from her eyes.

Guest [04/01/2013 12:13]E-Mail  

I take a compressed pill of garlic a day and always drink water with lemon juice squeezed into it. I do not smell of garlic.

Guest [04/01/2013 08:44]E-Mail  

Woah! I didn\'t expect it to work, but the green tea really helped remove the scent and flavor of the garlic

Guest [03/27/2013 17:57]E-Mail  

Eat lettuce. It really works.

Guest [03/18/2013 22:18] 

Drinking a lot of water, coffee, or tea works because these act as a way to flush your system quickly. Coffee and tea are stimulants which increase blood flow and even cause bronchi in the lungs to dilate (not as well or as much as asthma medications). Coffee and tea are also diuretics, which means the chemicals stimulate bladder and bowels.

Garlicked [03/16/2013 19:23] 

The most random site and still get some religious nut preaching! Please Craig, not here please mate. Anyway, meeting the x gf tomorrow and loaded up a Thai curry dish with garlic so seeing as I want the x back, maybe I should ask craig for some divine intervention after all! Green tea, parsley and coffee bean shake for breakfast then!

Gigity [03/16/2013 08:55] 


Guest [03/14/2013 11:39] 

do lemon drops help i need it gone now i cant live like this im 14 and only ate one garlic never doing that again

Jimmy [03/05/2013 21:00] 

I\'ve heard that swishing a little mustard, then spitting, then swallowing a bit will do it. I just swished some vodka in my mouth though and that seemed to work. Also keep in mind it could be on your clothes or coming out of your pores, so change and put on some cologne/perfume and deodorant. A hot bath/shower or hot tub should help too, sweat it out.

Guest [02/23/2013 08:56] 

If you have eaten garlic and your friend is upset, have them eat some then they won\'t smell it anymore. It works for me when my husband eats garlic. And I can even kiss him without the smell!

JNL [02/19/2013 20:23] 

Definitely,the best way I\'ve to help garlic breath is to chew chocolate covered coffee beans. I rather like the taste of it myself - I just think everyone should quit smoking and eat garlic - we\'d all smell the same then.

Jesus Christ [02/11/2013 16:57] 

If your true then you know garlic is good for you but listen up IF YOU DONT WANT TO REEK; Just eat lots of other cleansing foods and other healthy foods ( Milk ) to round off your diet; Parsley, Avocado Cilantro, even romaine lettuce are good but the list obviously goes on. Eat Lots Of Fresh Healthy Foods and you will smell natural, not horrendous as described above. Trust a bro whos been around the block. If your eating garlicy foods and then eating some 7-11 candys with your coca cola, You Will Stink much more. After all the people who sell candy want you to be miserable so you get perscribed with somethign to control internal gas, further feeding into the system we are somehow proud of. If ur Girl Aint Down For Garlic Get Out Of There So Fast That The Door Explodes cause shes not worth it bro. Peace to everyone who reads this you are all beautiful on the inside underneath your intellectual library of egotistical patterns, were all on the same team in this world but weve been divided vigorously and i hope one day we can unite and eat garlic together.

Guest [02/09/2013 15:17] 

YeahCraig, ya nut job.

Guest [02/09/2013 13:32] 

Get your religious junk out of here craig.

Craig [02/07/2013 23:27] 

The Israelites craved garlic amongst other foods, when God brought them out of Egypt. They were not content with the mana from heaven (the bread of angels). God made food for mens enjoyment that they might give thanks to him, but to those who receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit he gives eternal light and immortality through his flesh and blood.

Chastity, holiness, giving to the poor and fasting is the narrow way to the immortal eternal life for the born again believer.

The dead are not alive and the one who lives will not die!

The devil tries to trick people into believing that they must die to go to heaven. But the truth is you must live to go to heaven. Stop sinning (especially sexual activity which saps your life away) and learn to be holy!

Its true that not everyone around you are human; some are angels, some demons, some are indeed men. Recognise whats in plain sight and that which is hidden from you will become manifest.

Jesus is truly leader of the holy angels and he truly wants to give you the eternal life. Men for the first time, living the life that the angels never lost!

False teachers have positioned themselves in churches to hide the simple keys of salvation from you. Let your righteousness and love surpass theirs so that our savior may receive you gladly.

Come home to him who is indeed good and kind and loving and strong. The bright, good and true Son of God!

Come all you who hunger and thirst, and you who have no money. Come eat and drink at no cost at the banquet of The Living God!

Rise & Shine!

Cosmo. [02/03/2013 12:00] 

My girlfriend just had some baked potatoes drenched in garlic and onions; needless to say, her breath is now behaving accordingly. She\'s already brushed her tooths but it hasn\'t helped as much as she would have hoped. Please help, I\'m desperate.

jen [01/31/2013 18:02] 

Seems like everything has garlic in it. But I think its the way we process our foods. I can eat the same thing my friend ate and she won\'t smell for days like I do. Its always there. Hate it!

Guest [01/30/2013 15:59] 

Really bad garlic breath. Orchestra concert tonight. Eating gum!!! Please wish me luck!!!!

Guest [01/23/2013 15:08] 

Wow. I drank milk and it partially went... But then I drank green tea and now it\'s gone! Thanks!

Jenn [01/11/2013 07:27] 

My BF can smell it on me even if I had a small amount. Earlier in the afternoon, I had some Tabouli. It had RAW garlic! Yikes!I tried picking it out and eating around it. Went home, brushed my teeth & flossed. He came by later that evening and could SMELL IT!!!I even tried the Netty Pot twice. He couldn\'t kiss me...Really puts me out but I understand where he\'s coming from as well. So now, I\'m on this site trying to find a cure or some type of food to counterbalance.

Bawls 2 U [12/28/2012 05:58] 

just ate garlic. trying green tea, lemon, and we didn\'t have parsley so how about cilantro? they kinda look the same

Fernando [12/22/2012 17:33]E-Mail  

Guys, remember garlic breath will be present till your stomach COMPLETELY processes it. Meanwhile try brushing your teeth, using mint based mouthwash( it neutralizes the alphoric acid in the garlic), and/or drinking milk after eating.

Guest [12/11/2012 15:02] 

I love garlic salt but it makes you have a bad after taste the only way around this is don\'t eat garlic... Brush your teeth use listerene mouthwash mouthwash & your tongue brush... Good luck

Guest [12/06/2012 16:06] 

mixed avocado and milk lol

Guest [12/06/2012 13:42] 

To get rid of it i do a hard cardio workout and sweat it addition to tea and parsley! My bf hates and can always tell even when i eat the smallest amounts not labeled in salsa in such...maybe its the way my body processes it...

Abby [11/22/2012 21:52] 

I squeezed lime in my green tea and it did help neutralize the biting, relentless garlic feel in my mouth. I brushed with my sonicare, flossed and waterpik\'d. Then swished with limey green tea. The flavor is coming back. Must be coming thru my lungs.

Guest [11/22/2012 09:07] 

I put WAY too much uncooked garlic in my pasta last night. I can smell it on my own breath. I will try chewing on parsley and drinking green tea. Hope it works!

Emma but not the first one [11/19/2012 06:00] 

It seems that you are all wusses because you can\'t stand a little garlic breath. I had a baguette covered in pieces of garlic; it must have been 3 or 4 cloves! I have to go to school (yikes) so I have to get rid of this quickly. 10 minutes til I have to leave. Wish me luck!!!

Guest [11/14/2012 07:52] 

The best cure for garlic breath ive found is to make everyone else around you eat it too.!

Gar Licker [11/04/2012 12:03] 

So my wife and I have this ingenious way to fine each other when we get separated in large stores. You see, we each eat five heads a day. And if you open your mouth, and simply puff 5 puffings, you\'ll find each other in a matter of seconds. Garlic has met it\'s

Joseck [11/03/2012 04:09]E-Mail  

I love so much that i can eat a lot of it each meal of the day. It helps me treat amoebic and bacteria infections of the stomach. I cant even go to church today because i will chase people away. Thanks for these tips let me see how it goes.

Guest [10/31/2012 14:31]E-Mail  

At work just ate Garlic mixed in my Avodaco dip. It very strong , chewing sugar free gum and trying to stay away from co-workers! But I will try some of the remedies suggested.

zarsuela [10/10/2012 01:28] 

garlic has saved my life! yesterday, my blood pressure was 150/80 and my husband was not at home. I found out that eating garlic will lower my blood pressure, and I did! I eat more than 5 cloves garlic (I mixed it in my food. the whole day I feel better but the smell of garlic is very stinky. since that garlic is good for my blood pressure and cholesterol, I decided to take it everyday but in tablet or capsule, and also to get rid of the odor. I went to the pharmacy and ordered garlic in tablet form.

Guest [10/04/2012 08:32] 

Every single comment here is weird....

Bobo Jenkins [09/23/2012 18:04] 

I had some crushed garlic in olive oil and some seasoning (as a dip) and my girlfriend did not like it so far she made me eat like a dozen candy mints had to was my mouth 4 times already and she even went out of her way to get mouth wash. i guess ill try some of these hopefully they work and i get lucky tonight lol;)

Guess what [09/22/2012 07:51] 

Red wine helps

Guest [09/21/2012 22:22] 

#garlicruinedmylife #garlicatemycat #garlicisabih

beustace [09/21/2012 22:20] 

My garlic and me. A poem.
Every time I eat you, my breath sure smells like poo.

Guest [09/21/2012 09:50] 

I bathe garlic babies in my tongue.

Saskia [09/18/2012 01:32] 

Fennel seeds really work taste ill but does help you

Virginia [09/02/2012 20:29] 

I had real bad garlic breath. I brushed my teeth but nothing. I opened 3 parsley capsules, mixed them with a tiny bit of water, and no more garlic breath. But to make sure, I drank some green tea. Wonderful!!!

Guest [08/29/2012 16:50] 

i have a date in 20 min and my dad didn\'t tell me he put garlic in the pasta, thanks for the tips!!i hope it works because he hates garlic...

cj [08/27/2012 12:28] 

I normally wouldn\'t mind the garlic breath but seeing that I have to be at the dentist soon I guess Ill go try drinking some tea..oops

Guest [08/24/2012 01:13] 

Woah! I didn\'t expect it to work, but the green tea really helped remove the scent and flavor of the garlic

Steph [08/21/2012 08:10] 

I love eating garlic as well and I use it a lot in my everyday cooking because I don\'t like onions. I usually remove the \"heart\" from a clove of garlic ( the little leaf in the middle ) before cooking it. This part has the strongest smell so your breath won\'t smell as bad. Hope this helps!

Guest [08/20/2012 20:34] 

Eating garlic have been recommended to me for a couple of mild (so far) gastric disorders. But I hate garlic breath from others - though I don\'t blame them since I do not know their circumstances - and I would hate myself inconveniencing others. So I\'ll try these methods with the help of a friend for reference. BTW, I think it\'s awesome that Allah, through Muhammed, considers bothering other people more important than worshiping. Of course I guess that consideration does not extend to us infidel pigs...

Guest [08/16/2012 11:53] 

I\'m at dentist waiting to be seen
Had few garlic heads yesterday. Brushed.flashed and been chowing gums for past few hours. Lol

Guest [08/12/2012 14:03] 

I just ate a bunch of cold skin noodles with raw garlic in them! I have some parsley and lemons in the fridge, so I will go try them out. Thank you!

Munir Ahmad Mughal [08/01/2012 01:47]E-Mail  

The article is full of information and rich in content. The bad odour of garlic and onion can be killed by cooking them well. The holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) did not like it and whenever it was found that a person had eaten onion or garlic and the bad breath was coming out of his mouth he was ousted even from the mosque. It is among the the rights of people that even in the matter of taking food one must not eat a thing that causes inconvenience to others.

Guest [07/31/2012 15:18] 

I have garlic breath right now!

Yashar [07/22/2012 11:51] 

Very nice and use full information, thanks for the info, BTW Lemon option does work like a charm! ;)

Guest [06/08/2012 12:31] 

garlic breath smells foul and its not fun to kiss someone who has been eating it when you haven\'t, yuk! But these tips will really help, thanks!

Ade [05/24/2012 04:06] 

I suspect the eatery i use at lunchtime put garlic in the foods though i do not perceive it in the taste or scent but my friends say i have garlic breath even hours after lunch. This is good info. I\'ll try out some of the recommendations. Thanks.

Melody [05/08/2012 06:46] 

I love garlic but try to avoid it. I can smell like for days after garlic even after flossing, brushing and scraping. I now understand why....fascinating info. I will try the remedies and see how it goes. Thank you.

Emma [05/10/2011 14:51] 

oh I looovee garlic. I actually do not mind the garlic breath smell that much as long as it\'s not too strong.

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